This evening, the groups were drawn for the Women’s World Floorball Championship 2019 in Neuchatel. All of the teams will play against each other in four groups before the playoffs start.

The group draw in Bern (Switzerland) determined the countries who will be facing each other in the preliminary round of the World Floorball Championship in Neuchatel from 7th to 15th December 2019. The results of the draw are as follows:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Switzerland (3) Czech Republic (4) Denmark (10) Australia (12)
Finland (2) Sweden (1) Norway  (9) USA (11)
Poland (7) Slovakia (6) Estonia (16) Singapore (15)
 Germany (8) Latvia (5)  Japan (14) Thailand (19)


Tournament Format

In the group stage, each team plays once against each of the others, while the second stage of the event includes playoffs and placement matches. The two best teams of group A and B go directly to the quarter final. Teams placed third and fourth in groups A and B and the teams placed first and second in groups C and D make it to the first playoff round (played before the quarter finals).

Ticket Presales

The match schedule will be published at the end of February, a few days prior to the ticket presales, which begin on February 27 at 12.00 noon on the official website:

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